Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

In Hell There's a big Hotel Recap

Fighting a Soul Harvester, Losing a Baby, engaging the Mechanoids

The Scene opened with the group in a compromising position on the top floor ruins of the Di-Son. Hector Skellian and Larry Cultsman, had set off a magical trap at the top of the stairs that sapped their strength. While Hoban Washburn, had set off a different trap that temporarily blinded him. All while around the group the sky crackled with blue energy bolts and thunder as the Ley-Line storm raged around them.

Just as the group was deciding how to proceed, two more of the Soulless Xombies appeared from the ruins to attack them and a human man, Xouflack Robert appeared from the edge of the building, casting spells at Hoban Washburn the closest target.

Bruce and Larry Cultsman (It’s a family name) started attacking the Soulless Xombies, WhileHoban took a pot shot at Xouflack Robert even while his blindness was still in effect.

The combat caused Bruce to have his concentration lapse, and suddenly Shane no longer felt like he needed to have a drink down in the bar. Freed from his compulsion, he asks the ladies why he is down there, after looking at the ladies he retracts the question as the answer was obvious to him, but he recalls a combat and heads upstairs to go find his friends.

Xoulack eventually hits Hoban with a very odd looking gun which immediately created a magical cage aroundHoban that he couldn’t escape. At this point Shane had arrived and started pounding on the Xombies with Bruce and Larry, who was really hurting.

Larry got himself into a little trance and healed himself of much of the massive pounding he was taking at the hands of the Xombies, only to immediately get knocked unconscious again. As Bruce and Shane finished off the xombies bruce spoke a word and healed Larry back to consciousness.

While this was happening the Ley line storm was raging and messing with the ability of everyone to do magic, then suddenly it opened up a random rift on the edge of the building which was sucking in material around it.

At this point Xouflack Robert came out from his cover and started forcefully engaging the group, telling Bruce that “you will not get the artifact. He knocked ”/characters/hector-skellian" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hector unconscious, and dealt some damage with his magic, but he got himself close to the rift, to keep the party in front of him. But Shane went all kamikaze soldier and ran right at him throwing him into the open rift and ending the threat.

Meanwhile the removal of Xouflack Robert Hoban’s prison vanished, and so did another one, as from around the corner comes strolling Nero Flashton. Who apparently had been rifted here earlier during the ley line storm and was captured by Xouflack who was preparing to steal his soul.

Now that the threat was over, the group returned downstairs to the bar to setlle in as the Ley line storm ended. Unfortunately Shane and Larry were upset to learn that the baby they had left with the ladies was gone, as his uncle Chet Cantos had taken him and left. Hoban also noticed that one of the bartenders, Gemma Savert had also vanished.

Shane ran out, ready to brave the storm to save baby carlos from his real family, but when he went outside he encountered an army of 8 ft tool warrior cyborg women and just beyond them he sees Hagan Lonovich in the mystery mobile.

Hagan explains that after the group left on their little jaunt through the woods, he started to travel on his own in the mystery mobile, and was accosted by these tribal warrior D-bees known as the Shemmarrian Warrior women. they also had been accosted by the Mechanoids recently and he was able to convince them to help in combating the threat. He is surprised, but happy to see you here, and wants to head right to the factory site and try to end that force immediately.

Shane is upset and determined to go find baby carlos first, bruce comes downstairs after looting several of the hotel rooms looking for something, and frustrated he didn’t find it. Bruce finds out from Hoban that Chet is from the area around franklin, and begins to formulate a plan. Meanwhile Hagan exclaims that it doesn’t matter if they go find carlos if they don’t stop the Mechanoids, because if that factory becomes operational they are all dead, including the baby. Hoban, and Nero were already on board with fighting the mechanoids, and Hagan’s argument convinces Larry that the kid is with his family, the group needs to prioritize.

Bruce Tries to lie to hagan. who is severly put off by his appearance and bad southern accent, that the Mechanoids are actually in Franklin, but Hagan doesn’t by it for a second. in fact he is supremely confident about his knowledge of the location and blows bruce off, wondering who in fact this strange man is.

With a majority of the group in agreement the decision was made to travel to the site, the ruins of an old Trans America Manufacturing plant where the Mechanoids were planning to build their army.

Taking up position on a bit of mountain above the Plant the group scouted out what was going on. Hoban Washburn was able to detect about 150 distinct signals on radar, which Hagan was able to confirm on his own. The group started planning strategy, and Hoban explained that he had used all of that mechanoid salvage, and the help of the Frederick Town Operator, Martin Cotswellor to build a pair of Bombs, that as part of their explosion would set off an EMP pulse that would be tailored to the unique energy signature of the Mechanoids power sources. The problem is the Bombs aren’t reliable, as they are a mish mash of Fronteir tech, and highly advanced alien tech, so to garauntee it goes off requires an operator to stay on it and successfully work the mechanisms until it goes off. The longer you stay on it, the more likely it is to go off, but the more likely you are to get caught in its wake.

Using the Radar Data from Hoban, Bruce and Shane Volounteered to take the bombs to two locations with the highest concentration of signals. Larry used his magical abilities to cast pass without a trace on them, aiding their stealthiness in this infiltration operation. While Bruce and Shane moved off to set the bombs, Larry Cultsman, Nero Flashton, Hoban Washburn, Hagan Lonovich, and the Shemarrian Warriors force traveled north of the factory and set up in a position to strike after the detonation of the Bombs.

Bruce carried his EMP to the designated location and was met with what appeared to be the ruins of a multi-story parking garage. There were mechanoids of many ilk, Wasps flying in and out of the top floor, Exterminators, Brutes, Thin Men, and Runts all standing in a low power mode refreshing until called upon for service. Bruce stealthily sneaks up to the second floor, finds a central column and sets up the bomb. He plans to sit with it for a breif time and run about 6 seconds before it is set to go off, but he trips up keeping the timing mechanism stable and makes the heroic decision to stay as the bomb successsfully detonates, throwing him backwards, and shutting down all the mechanoids within 300ft.

Shane picks his way to the second location, moving slyly through the rubble of the area, and stumbles upon Mechanoids not encountered by the group before, including large industrial models such as the octopus and the Mantis, as well as some of the robot servant, thin men, and runts led by a runner. Shane sneaks into the rubble setting up shop near a assembly station that is centrally located but not yet repaired. He sets up the bomb and waits with it for the entire time, prepared to suffer the consequences to make sure this bomb goes off, but even with his demolitions skill he doesn’t quite work the controls properly. Still as the timer counts down, the bomb goes off successfully, knocking him backwards and shutting down all the mechanoids in the area.

Once the bomb goes off the strike force goes into action, Hagan and the Shemarrian warriors jumping into action attacking mechanoids thorughout the complex. Nero Flashton, driven by a surprising bloodlust for the Mechanoids, runs into the middle of battle with the staff he acquired from the defeated splugorth slaver, and starts calling lightning down from the sky upon the battlefied, taking out Mechanoid after Mechanoid.

Shane recovers from the bomb blast and Joins nero and the warriors on the battlefield, running out guns blazing taking down Mechanoid after mechanoid with his blasts.

Larry Cultsman and Hoban Washburn head toward the building that the bombs didn’t catch, and while sneaking around examining the structure end up getting the jump on a Mechanoid Runner. Hoban uses his ion staff to assault the creature while also shutting down many of it’s systems. Larry follows up by summoning a mystical blade to assault the runner. While exchanging blows with the Runner, a mysterious Cat makes it’s way into the building snuggling up close to Larry and Hoban, suddenly the Mechanoid began moving and acting as if it can’t see anything and runs down a hallway in fright. Not to be daunted Larry and Hoban followed the creature and discovered it still frightened and blind in a bathroom, where they promptly destroyed it.

Larry, perhaps hopped up on battle adrenaline, immediately ran back down the hallway, to an unopened door, and clumsily tried to spy if there was another creature in there, unfortunately he then alerted it to their presence and began another battle. At this time Nero and Shane had determined that the battle with the mechanoids outside was all but determined and joined the group inside, where they arrived just as Larry was captured in a blue shimmering forcefield. Shane moved past him to get in position to take shots at the mechanoid, then was promptly compelled to run outside for reasons beyond him. Nero moved in, and blasted the mechanoid with his plasma rifle, which inspired the mechanoid to charge right at him and nail him like a freight train, but in a demonstration of strength he kept his ground. Hoban made his way over to take a few shots at the Mechanoid, and then the mysterious Cat, shuffled into the hallway and bit the mechanoid in half, much to the surprise of the group.

Shane, suddenly no longer felt compelled to remain outside, and rejoined the group as they began exploring the building, eventually they made their way to a command center which had been refurbished with screens on the wall showing the battle outside, and a command pit in the center, with two mechanoid Brains in it, the brains immediately responded to the attack, engaging in deadly combat with the group, firing off plasma blasts wildly throughout the room, using their telekinetic abilities to slam much of the group around the room, to grab the mysterious cat and hold it high in the air, to blind hoban washburn, but to still fall to the combined might of the group.

This still left 1 more radar target to go to end this threat….


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