Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

Marion's Marvelous Malbolge

After Defeating the Mechanoid menace, and dealing with some internal strife, the group traveled back to the town of Frederick, where they decompressed, dealt with some individual issues and entertained themselves by hitting up a traveling show that had come to town, Marion’s Marvelous Malbolge. His experiences in Vampire country led Shane Ironwood to believe it was a front for vampires, which he spent must of his time exploring that possibility, while the others were just along for the ride.

While enjoying the Freak show brought along with Marion’s Marvelous Malbolge, the traveling show was attacked by robots, looking for the cyborg robot man James T. Bruce was able to pull himself away from donig backflips off a table in the bar, and Hoban from counting all the money the group had acquired so far, in time to help save James T. and defeat the robots.

when Interrogated James T babbled mostly incoherently about something he called “Him” but Bruce was able to divine that James’s “Him” was connected to the Psychic Vision shared by the world as one of the demons that must be stopped.

So after some time for Bruce to shop to attend a gay bar, and Hoban to perform some modifications on the mystery mobile, the group sets off for the Town of Finton, where James T insists the key to finding “him” can be found.

At Finton, the group meets the Mayor, a monstrous Cyborg man named Lord Formalaine. Formalaine was a victim of James T. when he was working with “him”. Formalaine is furious James T. is here, and it creates tension with the group’s meeting. Shane Ironwood decides that it would be appropriate to Kill James to soothe things.

Eventually The group gets Formalaine to agree to consider telling them where he believes they can find “him” but as they leave their audience the town is assaulted by a group of bug bears and hobgoblins. After a furious but fast battle the group defeats the troops assaulting the Mayors mansion. Hoban detects several groups within the area, so the group decides to head back to the mystery mobile, what will happen next…..


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