Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

We are all Frenemies Here.


The adventure began with the party picking through the remains of the Trans America Manufacturing Security building where they had just fought 2 Mechanoids runners, and 2 Brains. After exploring the majority front of the building and clearing out some of the old equipment and weapons from the security team, they debated taking on the final mechanoid in the building

Bruce had some real concerns, and suggested going to get Hagan Lonovich and the Shemarrian Warriors but based upon the security monitors those forces were spread throughout the other buildings looking for mechanoid stragglers, and the group decided to press on.

Opening the doors to the back of the building the group took in the remains of a large science lab. There were lab stations spread throughout the room, debris spread everywhere throughout the area, and a giant hole in the ceiling. Dead center in the back of the room was a large hovering creature about 40 ft long by 20 ft high. It had the same sleek Mechanical look of the other mechanoids, but was larger and more imposing then any of the others encountered so far.

Shane and Bruce find the creature familiar, and realize this is the creature Damien saved them from when they first met him.

The battle begun, Hoban gets int he first shot, and then Nero Tries to determine if the creature might be friendly but instead, Increases his resistance in combat in preparation for what is to come, the creature then brings up a 60ft wall of flame which burned Hoban and Shane fairly badly.

Much of the group stayed behind the wall land tried to take pot shots at it , when suddenly everyone but Bruce was overcome with fear. One by one the group attempted to continue the fight through the fear until they overcame it’s effects, while Bruce heroically Burst through the wall of flame to engage the creature in combat.

Through the course of combat the creature never seemed to engage with weapons, it was using only psychic abilities, creating that wall of flame, causing fear for the party, striking shane with a bolt of lightning, trapping bruce in a forcefield, and hurling debris from the room at Hoban at impossibly high speeds.

Eventually though the party prevailed, Hoban was able to blow a hole in the side of the creature, Larry Cultsman (it’s a family name, kinda?) was able to use his mystic blade to cut off a chunk of it, and shane was able to open it up with his ion pistols

After the battle was over, the Group was reunited with Hagan Lonovich and the Shemarrian Warriors Hagan identified the creature as a Mechanoid oracle, and it was the leader of the group that had been rifted to earth. With the factory cleared, Vrangaha and the group from Dweomer hitting the scout force near Frederick, the only thing left to worry about was the group traveling north and the small group left at the point of entrance.

Hagan, says that he will go destroy the group at the point of entrance andHoban Washburn says that you no longer need to worry about the group to the north.

The shemmaririans plan to go on their way, but let you know about the ruins of a school nearby that has recently shown an increase in non humanoid monsters residing there.

Confident that the Mechanoid crisis is over, if a bit mysteriously since who knows about that group to the north, and while Hagan has been a great help he does seem hellbent on ending this himself. The group was deciding what to do next.

Many wanted to go find and rescue baby carlos, Hoban was determined to return to frederick to get an update on the goings on and check in with Damien. Unsure as to the right path, since he thought it might actually be good to leave baby carlos with his family Chet Cantos Larry Cultsman performed some remote viewing on the baby, and was left not with an image of baby carlos, but instead with a disturbing image of a wooden cup, with the carvings of a millipede like insect around the base and large insect legs grasping from below around the flared out top.

Larry Cultsman recognized this cup from the lore surrounding Nxla from his time in the soul harvesters, but couldn’t place what it is or what it means. But outside of Nero Flashton this seemed to convince the group that getting to Franklin to check on Baby carlos was important. Hoban however wanted to head to Frederick First, since it was mostly on the way.

While collecting their things and prepping to leave, there was some minor colluding within the group, Hoban and Nero were concerned the others might try something, so Nero insisted that Larry strip down to his skivvies for the ride.

While traveling the group stumbled upon a clearing, that seems to regularly appear in these woods, The clearing was filled with wreckage of vehicles and bodies from a battle. Shane gets off the bike, and Hoban gets out of the mystery mobile to assess the situation, meanwhile Larry Cultsman (is it just a family name?) paralyzes Nero in an effort to control the situation and force the group to go save carlos in Franklin. Nero does not take this well.

Suddenly out of the woods near the clearing two large creatures appear on either side of Hoban Washburn and Shane as they are examining the remains of the creature that destroyed the convoy.

Shane identifies the creatures as Rhino-Buffalo a Rifts creature not uncommon in the woods, but surprisingly one of them looks at the group and says " Good, More Humans." this is surprising because Rhino Buffalo are not intelligent and do not speak.

Battle Ensues as the Rhino Buffalo charge at Hoban Washburn and body slams him, but Hoban’s armor allows him to stand his ground and engage the creature with his Warhammer. Larry Cultsman decides the group may need Nero Flashton to survive these creatures and releases him from the Paralysis, Nero immediately backs away from the mystery mobile, and Uses his Staff of Eyelor to call lightning on the Van. One of the Rhino Buffalo Charges at Nero body slams him and knocks him backwards toward the Van.

Larry Cultsman Tries to attack the buffalo and summons his Mystical sword, Shane circles around the Rhino Buffalo and starts wailing on it with his axes. Bruce attempts to use hypnotic suggestion on the Rhino-Buffalo but it appears to have no effect.

Nero take the opportunity of the chaos of the battle to jump on Shane’s Motorcycle and take off.

The rest of the group is able to finish off the Buffalo, it takes a little bit for Hoban Washburn to get the Mystery mobile up and running again after the lightning attack, so while that is going on the group collects some salvage from the destroyed convoy, and a little more examinatinon of the Rhino Buffalo, who had imploded upon destruction, It was determined that they were definitely mechanical in nature and not organic, and while he couldn’t place it, there was something about their very high level technology that was familiar to Hoban Washburn

Once the group was settled and the van was fixed, they were about to leave when there was a brief disagreement about Shane being allowed in the Van, seeing as he had previously stolen the dragon mask from Hoban, who has a long memory and had not forgiven him. Bruce, having no patience for anything at this point, suggests to Hoban that Shane be allowed in the van, and they go get Carlos, as the group believes that is where Nero Flashton went, as previously he was heard babbling something about throwing baby Carlos in a rift.

so off the group went, sure that none of this would have any lasting effect on their relationships, or their ability to stave off the apocalypse foretold in the Shared Psychic Vision.


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