Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

The Story so far

A summary up to July 2016

Hoban Washburn was rescued from a sticky predicament by Damien

Larry Cultsman and Nero Flashton were naked and about to be used as test subjects for a disease when they were rescued by Damien

Bruce and Shane were guarding a caravan when they got involved in a battle with some mysterious robots, and were rescued from certain death by a gigantic particularly threatening one by Damien

Damien REscued the members of the disparate group to help him solve a problem he was having with the Neuron beast Nrii. Under threat of being returned to their previous spots, the group agreed, and set out to the FSK complex to prevent NRii from being released, a task they failed at.

When they returned to Frederick to report back to Damien they were planning their next move, when the town was beset by refugees by nearby teribithia. And Larry Cultsman, Nero Flashton, Bruce had a psychic vision that was siimultaneously shared by every psychic on the planet that portended certain doom for the earth in the form of 4 great dangers and 7 demons.

The group traveled to teribitha where they found a ghost town of dead bodies killed by non human creatures, and then were witnesses to a battle between two flying creatures nad some Coalition power armor pilots, at the behest of Hoban washburn the group killed them all, and then traveled to a harpy nest to hunt down the murders.

On their way back to frederick to decide on their next move, they stumbled upon some locals assaulting a couple of D-bees blaming them for the current troubles. They rescued the D-bees, and escorted the woman, Mea-La back to her tribe, where the village was attacked by a group of cyborgs that had been harassing the area. the team was able to fend them off but the village was destroyed and almost all of Mea-La’s people were wiped out.

When the team returned with the survivors to their tranport, affectionately dubbed the mystery mobile, they learned their tires had been jacked. So they headed to nearby franklin for some replacements, where shane was handed a “treasure map” by a local drunk Wee Willie.

The group fixed the mystery mobile and headed off to check out this treasure map, when they ended up at some ruins for an ancient tech company known as Cyberworks. While searching the ruins they found some very high end equipment, and were also ambushed by a group of bandits led by a Psi stalker named tree shadow, and a Ley Line Walker named Cintabar. Larry found a secret passage out of the facility, and the group stumbled into a firefight with a collection of robots of the type that assaulted Mea-La’s camp. they survived the fight, but lost One of Mea-La’s tribesman in the process.

Nero, then decided they had to get the staff that Tree-shadow carried as it was a symbol of his past, and so he infiltrated the bandits and tried to lead tree shadow into a trap, they were only partially successful and tree shadow escaped their clutches.

The troop then returned to Frederick just in time to fend off a mechanoid assault, as the group bravely held the line against wave after wave of mechanoids, eventually help came to them in the form of a msyterious power armor pilot, and a troop of combat trained magic users from Dweomer.

The power armor pilot, a man named hagan lonovich explains that he came here with the mechanoids and was fighting them at the time they were all rifted here. Hagan has been tracking them and informs the group that they have split into 4 forces. one remained where they were, one was in the region scouting and attacking, this is the force they had been battling, one traveled north to draw attention away and attack humans, and the other was searching for a factory to begin making more mechanoids.

The group, with the input of hagan and damien decided to send the dweomer forces after the scout group, and to go after the factory group themselves. While on the journey to get to the factory group, they were sidetracked by a mysterious deminsional pathway that took them to a mystical temple built by the egyptian goddess Isis to her lover Osiris, where Bruce found the dessicated hand of Osiris, which he kept for himself. As the group left this temple, they were accosted by a splugorthian slaver, which they heroically defeated.

While working their way out of this dimensional anomoly they ended up stumbling upon a farm, where the family that lived there had been the victims of a soul harvester, a servant to the ancient evil Nxla, something larry cultsman had once considered (it’s more then a family name) Larry rescued a baby, but the rest of the family was defeated. The group then had to run from a Ley Line storm while tracking down the sould harvester, which left them seeking shelter at the Di-son a road side motel built ont he ruins of a pre-rifts hotel building.

It was here, they ended up in a confrontation with the soul harvester…..


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