Baby Carlos

Baby, he's a baby



generally carried around in one of those front body carriers

occasionally has ears covered to prevent exposure to uncouth language


Baby Carlos was the only living family member in the Farmhouse the group stumbled into while leaving the Temple to Osiris. While fighting the soulless Xombies, The farmhouse itself was lit on fire by Nero Flashton in an attempt to destroy some Xombies inside, but Larry Cultsman (It’s a Family name) heroically ran into the burning building to see if there was anyone still alive, and int he family bedroom found Baby carlos.

After defeating the Xombies and realizing the Harvester who had sacrificed the family to NXxla was gone, Larry and Shane Ironwood decided the group needed to keep and care for the baby. So they took it with them as they tried to find their way back to familiar ground.

After the Ley-Line storm drove them to the nearby Di-son they stumbled onto Chet Cantos The Baby’s uncle. Larry, Shane and Bruce were wary, but Hoban Washburn thought it was just fine to give the baby to a family member, yet no one asked Chet.

During the Battle with the Soul Harvester Xouflack Robert in the ruins on the roof of the Di-Son, the group left Baby Carlos with the staff, who not knowing it would be an issue gave him to his uncle.

After defeating the Mechanoids at the factory, and hopefully putting an end to the menace, Larry used remote viewing to check in on carlos, but instead was just given a vision of a sinister looking cup, with insectoid iconography, something he vaguely remembered from his time with the Soul Harvesters. He couldn’t place it, but he knew it wasn’t good.

After some infighting and a slight hiccup on the trip, the group is determined to go find out if Baby Carlos needs Saving

Baby Carlos

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