Chet Cantos

Wilderness scout who regularly works out of Franklin.


Young Man, dressed in very practical clothes, light body armor, cloak with hood.


Chet Cantos grew up locally in the town of Teribithia, and was working as a local wilderness scout and guide out of Franklin. Recently he noticed the region becoming more dangerous, with strange new aliens, and passionate organized monsters running killing sprees of humans. So he hooked up with a local “Bandit of the People” Tree Shadow who organized some of the locals to protect the local towns. There was some stealing in there, they had a good con going convincing idealistic adventurers there was a huge treasure in some ancient tech facility, and stealing their stuff.

While he was in Franklin Chet was hired to guide around the Mystic Knight in the area, who was hired to search for an adventurer in the area. Chet guided him to the adventurer, and watched as he assaulted them. And was defeated, but not without a fight. Chet is reticent to share this information as he is afraid the adventurers would take it out on them. In conversation with the Mystic Knight, Chet learned that he had to hunt and kill a defector, as they were not permitted to live as it would sully the reputation of the mystic knights.

Chet Cantos

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