The Biggest Mexican Tattoo'd Man


“In walks the biggest Mexican I have ever seen. Big as shit. Just walks right in like he owns the place. Now, nobody knew quite what to make of him, or quite what to think. There he was and in he walked. He was dark, too. I don’t mean dark-skinned. No, this was different. It was as if he was always walking in a shadow. I mean every step he took towards the light, just when you thought his face was about to be revealed, it wasn’t. It was as if the lights dimmed, just for him.”

- A man describing Coatl


Coatl woke up a while ago without his memory, but unconcerned, knowing in his soul that he was here to help

Coatl is a believer in old rituals, celebrating the lives of his enemies by consuming their life essence after a battle.


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