Shifter who brought back group together


Damien is an older man, appears to be in his 70’s. white hair, human. well kept, walks with the gait of a younger man


Damien is a Shifter who is the last member of a secret group who has been around since the time of the Rifts. Early on the group was exploring the newfound magical powers that the Psychic energy present on Rifts Earth provided, when they opened a rift to another world and brought an evil demon, Nrii to the planet earth. The creature immediately attacked the closest town Frederick, and was responsible for many deaths. The group felt guilty, so they captured the demon and kept in locked up for ages in the FSK complex, and took up residence in the nearby town to keep an eye on the demon.

Recently the demon was able to attract some gnolls to the FSK complex, and Damien brought you all on board to help prevent his escape. you were too late, and rapidly became embroiled in a different Crisis, as Psychotic robot cyborgs the Mechanoids have been rifted to earth, and threated to kill every humanoid on the planet.

Damien resides in Frederick, and provides a well stocked home base for the Group to work out of on the eastern coast of the united states.


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