Hector Skellian

Hector is an Atlantean Undead Slayer traveling down the east coast when he encountered and fought the soulless Xombies with the group


Hector is an Atlantean Male. Atlanteans are tall, attractive almost perfect appearing humans. Hector is covered in some very specific Magical tattoos, and has a fiery determination about him


Hector is a tall man with a mediterranean complexion who is covered in tattoos, he is an Atlantean from clan Skellian. He is a megaversal traveler who is a descendant from the ancient atlanteans of earth, who went into exile when their experimenting with magic created a worldwide catastrophe. When the rifts opened, and the continent of atlantis and magic returned to earth. Recently some members of his clan, have returned to Earth, and have set up a base of operations on the east coast with the long term plan of retaking atlantis from the splugorth.

If hector is asked about his tattoo’s he explains that atlanteans employ an ancient type of magic known as tattoo magic, where they use magical tattoos to perform feats. If pressed further he says the only people who are familiar with tattoo magic are the Atlanteans, the Evil splugorth who currently occupy atlantis, and the Ancient chiang-Ku dragons. But he says most of the megaverse assumes they are extinct.

In conversation, Hector reveals that the splugorth living on atlantis regularly capture humans and Orgres to create warrior slaves by tattooing them. He was also convinced that bruce couldn’t be an atlantean, as atlanteans can’t have their form shifted by magical means, and he lacks the specific tattoos known as the marks of heritage.

Hector Skellian

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