Leader of a Nomadic Group that was Killed By the Mechanoids


Mea – La Is a Noli Bushman a D-Bee (dimensional being)


Mea-La was the Psychic Healer for, and Leader of a group of Noli Bushman who had been Rifted here to the East Coast of the U.S. from England some time ago. As Nomad’s the group just took the adventure in stride and set up a small village in the area. They began foraging for food and suplies, and trading with the Nearby Towns of Franklin and Teribithia.

Mea-La and a few of her Tribesman were accosted by some Hateful humans who were irrationally blaming the recent assaults by Mechanoids on any and all D-bees, and she was saved by the group. They returned her to her village, where they barely survived a Mechanoid assualt. Almost all of her villagers were killed, so she agreed to return with the group to Frederick, where once again she barely survived another Mechanoid assault

During this time Fighting there seemed to be some genuine sparks flying on the romantic front between Mea-La and Nero Flashton.

Currently she used her Psychic abilities to point the group in the direction of the Mechnoid force currently trying to set up a factory, and remained behind in Frederick with Damien.


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