Tree Shadow

Leader of the bandit group outside of Franklin during the Mechanoids crisis.


Tree Shadow is a medium height male, Psi stalker So he has the typical Psi stalker traits of Deep set eyes, hairless body, etc…

He generally wears set of body armor with a hood and cloak, and also carries a Staff of eyelor a very rare Item to see outside of the clutches of a Slugorth Slaver


Tree Shadow is a bandit who is known as a an of the people, a robin hood like figure who steals from the rich and gives some to the poor. Lately he and his bandits have been stealing from travelers with a pretty shift scheme using a fake map, and an old cyberworks facility from before the time of the rifts.

In addition to their criminal activities Tree Shadow and his bandits have been protecting the town of franklin from the Mechanoids and other threats

Tree Shadow

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