Tag: Player Character


  • Bruce

    Bruce woke up a while ago with a craving for a sake and a black void where his memory was. He's a fairly neutral sort, but when it comes down to it he will help those in need, provided they are honorable warriors. He recently learned English!

  • Hoban Washburn

    Average. Ask most people who know Hoban to use one word to describe him and 'average' is going to be the most common answer. Since the day he found a small robot toy lying, discarded, on the side of the road, and watched his father bring it back to life …

  • Shane Ironwood

    Shane started out as the son of a humble farmer and his wife trying to eke out an existence in the hard scrabble of what was formerly the American Plains. Life was simple, but hard, with the family having to occasionally fend off thieves, con-men, and the …

  • Lavon Hayes Shanesbrudder

    Lavon Hayes Shanesbrudder is the older, taller, better endowed, twin brother of Shane. Lavon and Shane grew up in the great state of Texas where Lavon raised Shane after their family passed away. Tragically, Lavon was forced into slavery by the evil …