Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

I've got the Magic in me.

Or rather Baby Carlos did, but it wasn't the good magic.

Nero Flashton was driving along on his own on his stolen Motorcycle, contemplating his past and the way he made him feel about Baby Carlos and his prospects in this world, he was so wrapped up in his own thoughts he basically missed the large Raccoon that walked up tot he side of the road, died, and had a large insect looking creature burst our from inside of it.

As he was riding on his way to Franklin he saw a man on the highway waving his arms desperately trying to get his attention, he realized it was Wee Willie, but he ignored him and Kept going.

when he got to the town, it was eerily quiet, no people, no animal noise, nothing. He walked up to the first door he could find, and he knocked it down, finding inside what was once a dog but had now been turned into one of those insect creaturesFireteam_Zero_-_The_Children_of_Typhon_-_Corrupted_Animal.jpg
Nero Flashton cleaved the creature in two with his blade, but was unsure how to proceed.

Meanwhile, Shane Ironwood, Hoban Washburn, Larry Cultsman, and Bruce had a hashing out of the Beefs in the Van, under the Guise of Bruce’s honor bound ways. The group made it onto the same path that Nero did, Shane noticed the Insectoid creature, and Noticed Wee Willie on the side of the road, the group didn’t want to stop in their pursuit of Nero Flashton So Shane tried to grab him on a drive by while hanging out of the Mystery Mobile’s door. This did not go quite as planned, as Shane simply clotheslined him as the group drove by. No one felt too bad about it, as Wee willie did screw them over before.

When they got to town, Shane started kicking down doors, looking for Nero and Baby Carlos The first door was trapped with a Trident to swing at those entereing the group successfully dodged out of the way but stumbled upon some of the corrupted animals, the group defeated them pretty handily, but Shane impulsively moved on to the next next house as if driven and released three more of the creatures which the group fought off, Then Shane progressively moved through all the houses, releasing some corrupted humans. Fireteam_Zero_-_The_Children_of_Typhon_-_Corrupted_Human.jpg

Which again the group fought off, consistently resisting the toxic fumes the creatures put out. Finally after all the buildings were secrured and the group hadn’t yet found Nero Flashton Bruce Started lighting the buildings on fire. Nero rides out of the flaming building on his motorcycle, shirtless and holding the staff of eyelor. he told the group his story of how he ended up that way, and why he was so desperate to fund baby carlos. Wee Willie shows up and tells the group Chet came to town with the Baby and the Baby was sick, the group took him in, to the Cyberworks ruins, but everything started to go bad. these creatures started to appear and people were vanishing. . Bruce and Shane both had him shut up, and the group had a bit of a Mexican stand off. Which was resolved when suddenly Bruce turns into Nero Flashton and tells the group he is him from the future. The group is skeptical, as it seems unbelievable, but they consider the possibility. Nero even goes so far as to cut himself, and the cut appears on Bruce’s face as well. Nero convinces shane to give him the White Dragon Mask to resolve the mexican stand off

The tension simmered down enough for Shane and Larry to take off on Shane’s reacquired Motorcycle to the cyberworks facility to try and save Baby Carlos. At first Hoban was going to take Both Nero’s and himself back to Frederick, but he had a change of heart and they went to the Ruins.

At the Cyberworks ruins, the group fought thorugh more of the corrupted humans and animals, until they found Cintabar Who told them the story of how Chet Cantos and Baby Carlos came and they tried to help him, but Chet had let him drink out of some kind of Cup he had found, and eventually Baby carlos turned into this thing, and started corrupting the people and animals nearby.

The group went into the lower levels, to find carlos, and when they fought their way to him, they found he had changed into a horrible horrible monster.

They reluctantly fought it, with shane finishing him off by blowing a hole in his head. Once the creature was defeated it turned back into baby carlos, and dropped the cup.

Shane picked up the cup, held baby carlos in his arms with a look fo sad resignation in his eyes, and slowly walked up the stairs and out of the ruins.


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