Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

Led by a Southern Belle, and by Belle, I mean Blue Dragon

The group had just fought there way through a group of Hobgoblin troops and a Group of Bugbear troops. Who had assaulted Lord Formalaine’s mansion. Formailain himself has come out and told the characters to make for the old bank in the middle of town, it is the safe house they use to weather assaults.

Not fully trusting Formalaine, the group made for the Mystery Mobile to regroup and decide their next move. But waiting for them at the mystery mobile, were some cultists and worg’s were waiting to ambush them. After a dangerous battle, the group victorious, kept one of the cultist’s alive to interrogate them. Getting nowhere even as Shane Ironwood cut off a limb, and Larry Cultsmancauterized it, Bruce took it upon himself to read his surface thoughts, and found imagery and name of his leader. Bruce then walked to the other side of the van and returned in the form of a Blue Half Dragon warrior female, who spoke with a southern accent. Though skeptical Bruce was able to convince the cultist of his identity and discover that the Cult of Dragonwright had a base camp nearby and was raiding the Town for food and valuables, and was focusing their efforts on the mill.

The group decided to use Bruce’s disguise to gain an advantage, and maybe bluff their way through the situation, get the information they need from formalaine.

they make their way through the town with no incident and get to the Mill, where Bruce enters to command the cultists to destroy the townspeople as he has judged them unworthy, when he is surprised to find the real Langdedrosa Cyanwraith there. Boxed into a corner, Bruce Shape changes into a giant blue dragon, Langdedrosa tells him to stop fooling around, he is supposed to be keeping the townspeople in the safe house. Bruce wisely plays along and leaves the mill, to slink off into the woods until he can shape change back into something less conspicuous.

Hoban and Nero head back to the Mystery Mobile, but Shane and Larry Cultsman (It’s a family name) want to see if they can kill the dragon. Spoiler: they can’t. they end up hiding in the safe house with the townspeople for a bit, find out where James’s “Him” can be found. Shane and Larry, then try to escape from the dragon lazily flying around the compound. they get to the building line, but Shane gets nailed by lightning breath and almost bites it.

Now a more normal shape, Bruce, Shane and Larry Meet Hoban and Nero at the Mystery Mobile, where they decide they are going to head to the mountains to find this “Him”


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