Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

The positive sides of Deforestation

and where an underground bunker was found

Leaving Finton, The party was traveling in the mystery mobile to the location indicated by Lord Formalaine, as to the location ofJames T’s Mysterious “Him”. A Location taking the group west, and to the mountains once known as the Appalachian Mountains.

Near the base of the mountains, the forest became too thick for the Mystery mobile to get through, and the party had to continue on foot. While traveling on foot, it was observed that the Forest was Oddly thick, and oddly grown. There seemed to be a natural forest in place, and some strangely young growth, that was too large for the age growing on the outside of it. While slinking through the forest, Bruce and Shane spotted the remains of a campsite, which Hoban spotted shortly thereafter. It appeared to be realtively older, had the strange new growth of forest grown over it, and there was a hover cycle hidden in the woods, unfortunately unsalvageable though.

While investigating the site, from the trees emerged a group of Creatures that almost seemed to be made of wood. There were two types of creatures a tall thin one that grabbed the party in it’s vine like arms, constricted them, and burned them with acid like sap that it secreted. And there were 4 creatures with it that had thick woody covering and pounded the party with it’s powerful fists. This fight proved a challenge for many party members, particularly Hoban as the creatures were resistant to many types of attacks, and particularly resistant to laser fire. with persistence, and the smart brutal combat of Bruce, headbutting the creatures with his flaming head, hitting them with his fists, his sai, and marking them with the stars and bars, the group was victorious.

Making their way up the mountains, they came upon even more strange forest growth, even on the rocky side of the mountain where it seemed almost impossible. as well as the remains of several robots like those that attacked James T. at the traveling show in Frederick. Hoban found their circuitry very similar to That of Titan Robotics, and yet even more advanced then almost anything else found on Rifts Earth. Nero, embracing the insantiy that is his calling card, fired an explosive arrow into the growth, drawing the attention of some new wood creatures, which then prompted him to lightning them using his creepy eyeball staff. Meanwhile Bruce scouted ahead discovering two more large wood creatures, and the rest of the crew sandwhiched the creatures attacking Nero making relatively short work of them. Then the group turned to the larger creatures guarding the way up. Hoban came close to knocking one off of the mountain side with a TX-5 pump Pistol. Using all the resources at their disposal, the group was able to defeat this new set of creatures and continued on their path to the top of the mountain.

Farther up the mountain the group came upon some bodies, clad in armor that was very similar in technology if not form to the tech left for you in the cyberworks ruins outside of Franklin. Also Larry Cultsman (It’s a family name) found a jet pack and a shotgun, Hoban found a potion that seems similiar to his healing potion, Bruce found a pouch filled with an exceptionally dry dust, and Shane found a map of the region and some credits. Farther ahead the group found a cave that led into the mountain, just as Lord Formmalaine said there would be. Nero ran into the cave and found a metal door, that he spent time trying to force open for both curiousity and to find an escape for the group. While the group was outside fighting a large plant like creature that was a beast. The creature flailed wildly at Bruce, but was fortunately barely able to connect, some of that was the creature in it’s rage, some of that was also Bruce using his abilities in an efficient way shielding himself from attacks.

After putting the creature down, the woody carapace almost melted away, and revealed a man underneath, with a large black almost glass like thorn sticking out of his chest, which bruce removed and kept, even as larry suggested he give it to him. Hoban joined Nero at the doow within the cave and was able to jury rig the panel to oepn the door, even after Nero had shot the keypad.

Once inside the group split up, Shane found a storage room with containers with a fluid labeled Nutrient stasis fluid, some lab coats and a baseball cap with the words Cyberworks on it. Hoban stumbled on a room with several stasis pods, Bruce Ripped the heads off some apparently inactive robots,and Nero spent much of his time exploring the facility. Eventually the group reunited and stumbled into amedical facility where the comupter records seem to indicate that the facility had its staff wiped out centuries ago from some alien plague, that there are thousands of individuals still in stasis, and some odd references to a person or thing called A.R.C.H.I.E.

Moving on from the medical facility, the group entered a hallway which let to some sort of command room, where they encountered a large Brain like creature guarded by a group of robots, and sitting at a console in the room, Hagan Lonovich……..


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