Hagan Lonovich

Space crusader, enemy of mechanoids


Hagan is a generally unassuming looking man, if you ran into him on the street you would not necessarily recognize him.

Hagan isalmost always seen in his unique power armor it is a sleek thin suit with extendable wings, a hand held cannon, and a series of suit mounted weapons


Hagan is a human from another part of the multiverse, who has spent much of his life battling the Mechanoids, a race of genetically modified cyborgs who used to be human, but developed a deep hatred for all of humanity and began destroying humanoids wherever they found them.

After the mechanoids destroyed Hagan’s home planet he began traveling the galaxy fighting them to prevent the same fate befalling other planets. It was during one of these fights that Hagan and some Mechanoids were rifted to earth. While on the earth Hagan has bee tracking the mechanoids and keeping track of their movements, while simultaneously looking for allies to aid him in the fight. Because he realizes better then anyone the implications of the Mechanoids gaining control of a place like Rifts earth.

Hagan showed up while the group was defending the city of Frederick from a mechanoid attack, and currently is traveling with the group as they go to attack a mechanoid group looking to set up a factory with the intention of reproducing more cyborgs.

During a recent foray into a mysterious, apparently ancient mountain base which appears connected to the “Cyberwoorks” ruins outside of Franklin the party ran into Hagain with a Large Creature with a resemblance to a Human brain and an army of Robots. Apparently Hagan is somehow connected to James T.’s “Him” and the robots that attacked the traveling show.

Hagan Lonovich

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