Rifts - Pathway to Oblivion

New Friends, and a Bunch of Dicks.

After entering the compound and finding Hagan Lonovich in the facility with a giant Brain and a bunch of robots like the type that attacked the traveling show.

After engaging in some conversation with Hagan, the group learned that he was in fact never from another planet at all, he was a Psychic who had stumbled into a relationship with the Artificial intelligence A.R.C.H.I.E. 3 where he replaced the pervious “Idea Man” James T. According to Hagain, James T. was a psychopath, and A.R.C.H.I.E. 3 was happy to find a replacement friend.

It was technically Hagan and Archie’s fault that the Mechanoids where here. they had a Shifter, show them how Rifts work, and the rift he opened rapidly grew out of control and let in the Mechanoids. Archie quickly hid Hagan and the two of them started a guerilla war against them. Archie providing the info and Hagan making the strikes, with Power armor and Robots designed by Archie. When Hagan stumbled upon Frederick under assault he decided your group would be valuable allies in saving humanity from this grave threat. Unwilling to share with you the truth about Archie, or their role in the crisis (Archie is very concerned with keeping his existence a secret as he marshalls forces and develops a plan for bringing humanity out of this crisis with all of the competing powers currently in the area.)

He was however surprised to see you here, but when he learned James T. had brought you here he was happy that you eliminated him. Archie didn’t want people telling him about his existence, even if it sounded like nonsense.

Hagan offers the group an olive branch of friendship, providing Hoban with a suit of Flying Titan Power Armor, and Larry Cultsman one of his high level pusle rifles. Hagan said he and Archie would keep an eye on you as you head off to fight these demons and dangers, and could offer some help as it was appropriate. He also offered this portion of the base as a staging area for you, he just wanted you to stay away from the people in cryogenic storage. As like Archie, they are from the time before the rifts.

After developing the positive relationship with Archie, the group decided it was nigh time to deal with Nrii, so they decided to explore the rumors of strange monster sightings at the ruins of a school north of Finton.

While traveling that way, the group was beset upon by a mysterious woman in a suit of power armor unlike anything they had seen. It was a Golden suit, with an Eagle appearnace, but had the makings of the coalition SAMAS power armor. She explained that her name was Isabella Copper, and she was a member of the security force for a nearby town. Some of her compatriots were captured by a force that had attacked Finton (The cult of Dragonwright you had escaped at that town) and she needed help rescuing them from their camp.

The group demonstrating themselves to be kind individuals, agreed to help. And moved toward the camp of the cult of the Dragonwright. surveying the camp they noticed that there were upwards of a hundred signals on radar implying an impressive cadre of troops amassed at the wishes of this cult

Surveying the area the group found the encampment in a valley, with two guard towers, several make shift dwellings, an area for prisoners, and in the distance a well guarded cave

The group spent a considerable amount of time developing a coordinated plan of attack, where Nero and Shane attacked the tower near the prisoner hold from one angle, and Bruce, who at this point was a mexican, and Larry Cultsman assaulted it from another. While Hoban and Isabella flew in and released the captives.

the plan was executed well, and created chaos within the camp, which hoban and isabella were able to fly in, remove her compatriots from the crosses they were strangely tied to and get away cleanly.

Once back at the mystery mobile, the group was ambushed by Langdedrosa Cyanwraith the half dragon warrior who had been leading the assault on Finton, leading some Lizard folk warriors with some cultist magic users, and a troop of Hobgoblins. the battle was fierce, but the group prevailed, while Isabella oddly spent the battle not fighting.

After the fight was over the group confronted Isabella about why she didn’t fight. and she explained she was testing the group, she and her secret cabal had been around since the time of the Rifts, they had been trying to kingmaker and guide the Coalition, which hadn’t worked out, and as she was trying to explain the history of her cabal as part of her recruitment pitch, the group turned on her and decided they had had enough of people testing them and fucking with them and trying to control them, so they were done.

She said fine, pointed out she had provided Hoban’s Gleaming suit of power armor, and Nero’s suit of body armor. As well as an ion pistol held by Shane. All of which no longer function, as she fried their electronics, and she left.

Why did the cult of dragonwright have an encampment in the area what are they up to?

What is waiting for the group at the school ovverrun with non human monsters?

When will people stop trying to manipulate them?

What is next for our suddenly functional team?


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