The Mechanoids were introduced to the group as a menace attacking them seemingly at random and out of the blue in the early going.

Very Early in the Process Bruce, Larry Cultsman, and Nero Flashton had a Psychic Vision that every creature on earth with pyshic abilities shared, about upcoming Dangers and demons visiting the Earth. It is thought by many the Mechanoids represent the first great danger and if they are not defeated the earth will be destroyed.

After the Mechanoids wiped out Mea-La’s village, and then assaulted Frederick Hagan Lonovich Helped save the town from the assualt and filled the group in on who and what the Mechanoids are.

Millenia ago a group of humans who had been forced to leave their home due to a misuse of magic (some megaversal scholars believe these to be a group of Atlanteans who had left earth after the destruction of Atlantis) so they turned to technology to advance their society when they settled on a new planet.

Their dalliances with technology led them to create a variation of their own species with Cyborg bodies, and psychic abilities to help them explore the far reaches of space. These exiles sent their new creations out into the universe to learn and bring back knowledge of the universe to better their species.

The Mechanoids, being advanced, highly modified, and equipped with the best technology did their job and did it well, so well in fact they improved themselves further modifying themselves as organisms, further increasing their psychic abilities, and further developing the technology powering their cyborg bodies.

These modification pushed them farther from the humans they originally were, and when they returned to their creators to share with them all they had learned, and accomplished their creators were horrified by them. Being Psychic organisms the mechanoids were overwhelmed and broken by the hatred put on them by their creators, and as a species they snapped, killing the entirety of their creators race. Then further improving themselves, and reproducing, and spreading throughout the megaverse with the soul purpose of satiating their hate and self loathing by wiping out every humanoid they could find in the universe.

Mechanoids have a very regimented society where each mechanoid serves a role they are geneticall engineered to fill, and have a cyborg body engineered to complete. Mechanoids are intelligent and meticulous but are also hate filled psychotics when it comes to humanoids.

If the Mechanoids force on the planet earth is not wiped out, they will eventually take over the planet and use it with its many rifts as a staging area to wipe out humanoids throughout the Megaverse


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